Can CBD or CBG Help Stomach Pain?

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Abdominal aches and pains are such everyday issues that it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t had a bout of cramps, ulcers, nausea, digestive issues, or heartburn at least once in their life. All of these problems are the leading causes of stomach upsets and abdominal pains.

Stomach pain isn’t necessarily indicative of a fatal medical issue, so breathe easy. Still, it can make it challenging to feed oneself or carry on with life as usual, so it makes sense to have several over-the-counter and prescription remedies for the stomach, including special teas. Chronic stomach pains can lead to a lot of problematic suffering for an individual, the source of the agony being virtually invisible to everyone around.

The Mysterious Root Causes of Stomach Pains

Where there is pain, something important is happening in or near that body part. Thus, our stomach starts to ache to indicate something wrong whenever something goes wrong in our gut. 

Stomach aches can present as mild or severe and show up alongside cramps, nausea, and heartburn, depending on the pain’s cause. The cause of stomach pain could be related to the digestive system or a stomach virus. Anatomical problems like Crohn’s disease, bacterial and viral infections, constipation, food sensitivities, inflammation, and even anxiety and depression are all known causes of stomach pain. Since several different factors can cause stomach aches, it is imperative to first understand the root cause before choosing a treatment course. 

The Myriad Problems with Over-the-Counter Stomach Treatments

There is an impressive selection of over-the-counter medicines for all kinds of stomach conditions, from heartburn to digestion. The common problem with all of these medications is that they come with side effects that might be as, if not more, unpleasant than the stomach pain itself. Imagine treating stomach pain only to trade it off for nausea, constipation, diarrhea, and headaches! Because they are quite potent and have side effects, most of these medicines are only appropriate for occasional, short-term use.

It helps, then, to have a gentle and non-toxic medicinal option for your stomach pain if you experience chronic discomfort. Oil made with CBD (cannabidiol), and CBG (cannabigerol) from cannabis can help you treat the pain’s cause and effect.

Why CBG for Stomach Pain?

As it turns out, few medicines are both as potent and gentle as those from the cannabis plant. CBG or cannabigerol is an entirely natural and safe cannabinoid derived from the cannabis or hemp plant and hundreds of other cannabinoids and terpenes (aromatic oils). CBD and CBG interact with the endocannabinoid system in our body and keep the body in a balanced state, also called homeostasis. Because they have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, CBD and CBG will help alleviate an inflamed digestive tract while dampening severe pain and nausea. It is also helpful to restrict bacteria from growth as it is an effective antibacterial agent and prevents severe weight loss.

CBD and CBG are even said to help with bladder dysfunction disorders. When you are next looking for a safe healing option for your stomach ache, try a CBD and CBG-rich formula made with olive oil, coconut (or MCT) oil to get relief from stomach pains.


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