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Terpenes 101: What is Caryophyllene and What Does it Do?

β-Caryophyllene is a non-psychoactive CB2 receptor ligand and as an anti-inflammatory cannabinoid in cannabis. As a selective agonist of cannabinoid receptor type-2 (CB2), caryophyllene has been shown to exert significant anti-inflammatory effects. Due to this effect, it is often used in topical ointments.

Hemp FAQ

Broad-Spectrum vs Full-Spectrum Hemp: Which One Is Right for You?

In 2019, 14% of Americans had used CBD products. Although COVID-19 disrupted the CBD market, much like any other industry, there is still plenty of demand for products in the world of hemp. If you’re looking to start using hemp products more or want to learn more about the products you’re already using, there are […]

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Can CBD or CBG Help Stomach Pain?

Abdominal aches and pains are such everyday issues that it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t had a bout of cramps, ulcers, nausea, digestive issues, or heartburn at least once in their life. All of these problems are the leading causes of stomach upsets and abdominal pains. Stomach pain isn’t necessarily indicative of a fatal […]


How to Rise and Grind (and Stay on Cloud 9)

Getting up and out of bed can be the biggest chore of the day if you let it be. Sometimes it’s easier said than done to kickstart your AM, so there are always going to be days where it’ll take some extra effort to get up and get out there. Remember: True hustle is about […]

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What Exactly Does Smoking Hemp Do?

Smoking hemp has been around for many years, but what exactly does it do? Here is the complete guide to everything about smoking hemp. Bet you didn’t know that President George Washington grew and used hemp. Yes, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were both known to grow hemp. In fact, hemp is so ancient that […]

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Travel advice for micro dose flow

QUICK ADVICE FROM THE WELL TRAVELLED FINDING YOUR FLOW (alternatively titled: Self Love in this Economy? Bitch, I need drugs) Considering micro dosing, macro dosing or just tripping your face off and throwing your phone in a river to avoid your Slack messages? Here are things I learned this year pivoting from traditional treatments for […]

What is ocimene terpene?
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Meet Your Terps: Ocimene

Botanical terpenes are pretty much just what they sound like. If you can find ocimene in orchids, mint & basil then it’s less expensive to extract it from those methods than from cannabis. Sage has a ton of pinene so a botanical “pinene terpene” could actually be from sage, not cannabis.

What is Delta 8 THC and is it Safe
Hemp FAQ

What is Delta 8 THC & is it Safe?

As consumers become more savvy in navigating the newly legal hemp market they’re becoming more comfortable with what used to be confusing terminology. Initially, and for the sake of simplicity, long complicated names for the 100+ compounds found in cannabis were shorted. Tetrahydrocannabinol? THC. Cannabidiol? CBD. Now that the consumer market is comfortable with these […]

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