How to Rise and Grind (and Stay on Cloud 9)


Getting up and out of bed can be the biggest chore of the day if you let it be. Sometimes it’s easier said than done to kickstart your AM, so there are always going to be days where it’ll take some extra effort to get up and get out there.

Remember: True hustle is about the long haul, not the sprint. The start to your day can make all the difference in the way it plays out, but that doesn’t mean every morning is going to be perfect. So how can you be sure to rise and grind while maintaining your composure? Here are a few good tips for kicking your day off right, (even if you’re not a morning person). 

Go the F*ck to Bed – Why are you up so late? It’s time for bed. Starting tonight– even right now if you need to– give yourself a bedtime. You set an alarm to get up, so why shouldn’t you have a cutoff time at night, too? Shut down your electronics an hour before bed and give your eyes some rest. 

It’s easy to tell yourself you don’t need that much sleep, or if there’s time to sleep then there’s time to grind. But no matter what your grind is, getting solid rest can only do good things for your well-being. There’s no doctor in the world who has said you need less sleep. Besides, isn’t the whole point of resting to recharge for the next day? Do yourself the favor of sticking to a bedtime.

Hit Snooze, You Lose – Yep. Snooze is a sham. You tell yourself “just 5 more minutes” but 5 minutes is never going to make getting up any easier. You might set 2-3 alarms and still hit them all. But instead of resetting your alarm for 9 extra minutes over and over, just DON’T give yourself the opportunity to fall back asleep. 

It may help to put your phone or alarm clock across the room from you, or somewhere that requires you to turn on a light in order to get to it. Regardless of how you do it, just prevent yourself from hitting that snooze button and you might find that you never really needed it anyway. 

Give Yourself Wake Up Call (to Action) – Instead of a wake-up call from the phone, give yourself a wake up call to your soul and start your day powerfully. Say something meaningful to you, and say it out loud so you can actually hear your own voice calling you into action. It could be something as simple as “Let’s do this” or “This is my day” or anything else that inspires you to do your best. If there’s an inspirational quote you like, there’s no better time to be inspired than first thing in the morning. 

Eat Something – For crying out loud, eat some damn breakfast. Protein is a good place to start. If you’re going to grab the morning by the berries, at least drink a smoothie before you do. We’re not doctors here, but it doesn’t take a scientist to tell you that your body needs fuel to go. Even a cup of coffee can provide you with a little boost to get you going, but it’s up to you to maintain it. 

Pace Yourself – Don’t forget that throughout the day, your body and mind need to rest and reset, too. If nothing else, plan time in your day to unwind and recharge, even if it’s five minutes to relax with a Shaboinks hemp preroll or have a cup of matcha tea. Find time to relax during the day and you might not feel like you’re going to completely crash at 6PM. And if your night goes into the wee hours, you’ll know you’ve conserved the energy to get up and do it again tomorrow. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what it is that motivates you to get up and grind. Find that reason for yourself and let it be your first thought every day. If you stay true to what you’re committed to, the rest is easy. Now, go get some rest. You’ve got a big day tomorrow.

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