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What is ocimene terpene?

So, what is a terpene?

Cannabis terpenes are aromatic compounds responsible for the scent of herbs, some cosmetic products and even animals. Found in most plants including cannabis, terpenes are most often used by manufacturers for their body products and perfumes. You probably recognize the concept behind terps if you’ve used essential oils or aromatherapy.

Terpenes found in cannabis products come in two varieties: cannabis derived terpenes and botanical terpenes.

all terpenes are botanical not all terpenes are from cannabis, ya dig?

Botanical terpenes are pretty much just what they sound like. If you can find ocimene in orchids, mint & basil then it’s less expensive to extract it from those methods than from cannabis. Sage has a ton of pinene so a botanical “pinene terpene” could actually be from sage, not cannabis.

Cannabis terpenes are just that, extracted directly from the plant they naturally occur in. You can often tell the flavor apart in vape products as the cannabis terpenes throw less flavor (they taste not-fake). Most people can’t tell the difference.

Ocimene comes from the Greek word ocimum or basil and is often used in several products such as antiperspirants, fabric softeners, soap, shampoos, perfumes and even cleaners. Think of ocimene as a fragrant essential oil that significantly contributes to the aroma of cannabis. 

Ocimene is one of the most common monoterpenes. While rarer as a cannabis terpene that people talk about, it can be found in many plants including orchids, mint, basil and lavender. Because of its citrusy, floral and sweet scent, ocimene is often the main ingredient in perfumes. At the same time the sweet smell is pulling double duty, it also protects the plants from harmful elements like pests. 

Cannabis strains with high concentrations of ocimene include Space Queen, Chernobyl, Purple Haze, Dutch Treat, White Fire OG and Golden Goat. Although they have yet to fully research the effects of ocimene, it’s been found to have some therapeutic benefits

Benefits of Ocimene

Ocimene may work better when combined with other terpenes such as pinene and myrcene. Apart from acting as a protective agent for plants against potential harm, ocimene is also known to offer other benefits. 

As an anti-congestant, it can also help the body get rid of phlegm and mucus to make breathing easier. However, it may make you cough more when you smoke cannabis strains with high concentrations of ocimene. It’s also worth noting to use low heat when you decide to smoke cannabis with ocimene so you can fully take advantage of the benefit it offers. 

Ocimene also acts as a stimulant for some (we are not making medical claims at all this is anecdotal), giving you more energy. It can help fight anti-fungal infections, especially when combined with other elements in a salve. They may help with managing inflammatory diseases

While ocimene has medical benefits, we highly recommend you to see a physician for personalized care, especially when you have pre-existing conditions. 

Other Potential Benefits of Ocimene

Ocimene may help treat hypertension and Type 2 diabetes as the oil had some anti-oxidative properties. In a Chemistry & Biodiversity report, they analyzed and studied essential oils of seven different species of trees and ocimene was one of the essential components of the oil. An updated review stated that the chemical composition of these oils has antimicrobial effects against viral pathogens, fungal or bacterial infections. These oils with their chemical components may help fight influenza and other viruses. 

Terpenes like ocimene make up part of the spectrum that is cannabis. Like essential oils (the ones that actually do stuff…no eye rolling), terpenes are now being isolated for their holistic benefits. If you’re looking for cannabis derived terpenes specifically, read your ingredients. And ASK QUESTIONS. We’re always happy to help clarify. 

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