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Bloom Farms is an incredibly well made product line that offers specialty CBG & CBN tinctures as well as true full spectrum vape cartridges that are some of the best we’ve found anywhere.  The beautiful thing about the Bloom line is that every product is a winner.

“We’ve got an incredibly diverse workforce and we’re growing our own talent from within, we’ve committed to having 50% of our cannabis supply come from women-owned or -operated businesses to support the heritage cannabis farming community, and we’ve donated almost two million meals to people in need through our one-for-one program (one meal donated through a network of foodbanks for each Bloom Farms product sold). And we’ve got some of the highest quality, most interesting products on the market.”  – Bloom Farms President of Sales, Distribution & CBD: Sally Nichols

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You shouldn’t need a doctorate in chemistry to pick a CBD product that actually works, and companies shouldn’t wait until people get hurt to do the right thing.  High Maintenance is a collection of products for your highest self made by humans who give a damn.


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