PYPTEK is an American company founded in the heart of Colorado. Rooted in manufacturing, the brand is dedicated to the design, development, and manufacturing of the next generation of glass and metal pipes.

Taking its name from ‘PYP’ and ‘TEK,’ both serve as an abridgment of their full definitions, pipe and technology. The amalgamation of two distinct industries harnessed to set in motion PYPTEK’s larger mission: to set a high-water mark in the cannabis industry for products, professional excellence, and customer satisfaction.

The vision began back in 2012, when Matt Greenberg and James Humes turned in their keys to the traditional job arena and joined the cannabis industry. Instead of jumping into growing and horticulture, they planted their roots into the hard goods market and PYPTEK was born.

“Designed for Adventure. Your Lifestyle. Our Mission.” began to fuse as their products took headway in delivering an authentic smoking experience. Manufacturing all parts and pieces, from start to finish, in the USA, their approach to production allows an attention to detail that speaks to a new standard of excellence in the industry.

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You shouldn’t need a doctorate in chemistry to pick a CBD product that actually works, and companies shouldn’t wait until people get hurt to do the right thing.  High Maintenance is a collection of products for your highest self made by humans who give a damn.


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