You shouldn’t need a doctorate in chemistry to pick a CBD product that actually works, and companies shouldn’t wait until people get hurt to do the right thing.  High Maintenance is a collection of products for your highest self made by humans who give a damn. 

The high maintenance. line of herb accessories are designed with the modern smoker in mind.  Not that we don’t love radioactive aliens and blacklight wizards…but maybe it’s time for products you don’t have to hide when your mom swings by.


Because Cannabis is Good for More Than Getting High

When I talk to my friends that work in cannabis about CBD most of them sort of roll their eyes before I finish my sentence. I get it, really. So, should I bring my 82 year old aunt with breast cancer kush that is going to knock her on her ass when she asks me for homeopathic help?

No, of course not. I’m going to bring her the best CBD I can find from people that take their hemp seriously. Cannabis should be safe, affordable and most importantly accessible. Our goal with High Maintenance Goods is to bring everyone trustworthy hemp products from reputable sources who care as much as we do.

—  Chelsea Joy | HMGOODS.COM

Smokable hemp flower

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HH Hemp CBD Flower and Lollipops

The Happiest Damn Hemp We've Met

There’s something about’s product line that inspires joy, maybe it’s the bright pops of color or the thoughtful packaging.  It’s def the high quality CBD in them that inspires the most joy, but their thoughtful glass jars help too ;). Explore our newest product line: 

High Hello How Do You Do.

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